We maintain an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development of our students. By providing the right academic inputs and an effective developmental environment, we make the journey of the child from the first hesitant steps till graduation enjoyable, enlightening and memorable. Our graduate is thus an academically well – equipped and mature youngster ready to excel in the next phase of education in specific fields and life.our school based in cbse schools in darbhanga District or mithlanchal

The awesome school is spread over a sprawling area of a acres of land, which incorporates well-designed building with spacious and equipped classrooms, amphitheatre for stage performance, a swimming pool with a provision of one semi-Olympiad swimming pool, playground carts for indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, badminton, carom, chess and basketball, football, cricket and hockey, respectively.The curriculum is designed to give age appropriate outcomes as the student progresses to different levels from preschool to high school. The curriculum focuses on cognitive and motor skills in the preschool, concepts in the primary school and practical approach in middle school. At the high school level, the focus of the curriculum is to prepare students for the Board examination and college.we are also listed on schools in Darbhanga

In order to make the student fit for these, a highly equipped; multi apparatus gymnasium has been provided to shape their physical structure. The gymnasium is well equipped with the latest, sophisticated and of course the best equipment and gadgets accessible to the students but, under the supervision of an experienced user.

The school boasts of multi-cuisine cafeteria, which provides the choicest of dishes under the guidance of the specialists of hotel industry, but priority is given to nutrition and hygiene. The menu is set with special emphasis on the nutrient value of the food.our school is top 10 schools in darbhanga District

Keeping in mind, the fact that we live in the information age, where knowledge is power and the rapid growing information technology, the school has an advanced computer lab with over 40 Multimedia enabled nodes with networking facilities and all round Internet facilities in star topology for the students to enable them to compete with their global counterparts. They are taught the latest methods of teaching with the help of OHPs and LCDs and have access to all Multimedia enabled computer under professional guidance. The students are guided to use computers, LCDs and CD ROMs besides other sophisticated gazettes with ease. Window Operating System, Database, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Powerpoint, Java Programs and the latest Pentium Processor, Local Area Networking Systems and the Desktop Printing System are a part of the Technology Center. Apart from this, in order to enable the students supplement their study, the school has well equipped Language Labs, Science Labs and Mathematics Center for a practical knowledge of the subjects, so that they do not end-up as book-worms with only theoretical knowledge devoid of practical experience and the inability to apply their knowledge later in life.our school also best cbse schools in darbhanga

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