Welcome to Oxford International School, home of the value Education! Our school provides a rigorous education for our students, which prepares them to be successful. Our motivated students are high-achieving and they are able to pursue their interests in sports, music, drama, and writing skills. Our School participates in a block schedule, in order to maximize instructional time and prepare students for their future.

Educational Skills

Oxford International School

Darbhanga Bihar

"The aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of Values"

Education does not commence with the alphabet. It begins with a mother's look, with a father's nod of appreciation or a sign of reproof, with a sister's gentle pressure of the hand, or a brother's noble act, with meadows, with birds' nests admired, but not touched, with creeping ants, and almost imperceptible elements with humming bees and beehives, with pleasant walks in shady lanes and with thoughts directed in sweet and kindly tones and words to nature, to beauty, to acts benevolent, to deeds of virtue and to the source of all-to God himself.

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